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My husband had a great job in construction when the company he had worked for for 16 years suddenly closed. In the blink of an eye, we went from being independent and supporting our family on a good income to not being able to pay our bills or feed our children. We went from living on $40,000 a year to no income. Read more…


In 2007 I was earning a good living working for an advertising agency. I owned my own horse farm and had money to live and do as I wished. I felt secure. Then, 2008 happened. I was laid off from my job in advertising and no one was hiring a woman my age. I was devastated and scared. First I spent my savings, then I went through my retirement fund but I still lost my farm. It was foreclosed on in 2009. Read more…


Evelyn has lived in Goochland since 1979. She used to volunteer and bring food to the Goochland Fellowship many years ago before it was a formal food pantry. Evelyn lives alone in a trailer in the Goochland trailer park. She owns the trailer but rents the lot. Her monthly income from Social Security is $1256.00. By the time she pays her bills on the 5th of the month she has only $100 left to live on. Read more…


Roger and his wife and children, have lived in Goochland for over 35 years. Roger worked hard all his life, including 21 years at VDOT. Even after being diagnosed with kidney disease, he never slowed down. Then, in 2009, his kidneys failed. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough years to retire from the state. His only choice was to go on disability and Medicare, cutting his income in half. Read more…


When I moved to Virginia with my husband, I had a plan. I was going to get a great job as a Medical Assistant and watch my kids learn and grow in Goochland.

But my husband quickly became abusive—verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and financially. I wasn’t allowed to work or have friends. He stopped paying the bills, so we had no electricity and no food. I was scared and felt alone.

I was at the library one day and saw information about GFCFS Domestic Violence Services. Read more…