Goochland Free Clinic and Family Services provided services to 1153 different individuals and families during 2010.


·Food Pantry: 635 families received food from our weekly Food Pantry in a total of 5895 visits (45% increase)

·Free Clinic

oMedical Services- 4524 visits

oDental Services- 1791 visits

oMental Health- 289 visits

·Clothes Closet:771 clothing vouchers were issued.

·Financial Assistance to Individuals:49 individuals received financial assistance in order to prevent homelessness and keep families warm; 66 individuals received financial counseling.

·Home Repair:Repairs to ensure safe living conditions were made to 30 homes.

·Adult Education: 22 literacy and GED students received services.

·Case Management: Counseling, assessments and referrals for 112 families.

·Van Transportation:1361 round-trip rides to medical appointments in Goochland and Richmond

·Emergency Housing Program: 17 individuals lived in our emergency apartments until they could relocate to permanent and stable housing.

Client Eligibility

Low income, Goochland resident, no health insurance (for medical clinic), program specific


·Annual Budget: $1.4 M

·Income Sources: Cash support- even distribution between individuals, County, foundations & corporations.

·In-kind support– 3.9 M including over $1 million in pharmaceuticals


Volunteers- over 240 volunteers donated more than 9768 hours in 2010.

Staff- 16 FTE’s

Current Needs

Expansion of mental health program (more counseling time), volunteers to register patients, answer phones, professional volunteers (nurses, medical providers, dentists), donated printing services, new computers