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Capital Campaign Donor List

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Capital Campaign Donor List

Thank you for helping us build our future.

Anonymous (7)

Manuel Alvarez

Joe and Bonnie Andrews

Aragon Group

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Armstrong, Jr.

Stephen and Debra Arnold

Patricia Ayers

Sara Babb

Tina and Jim Barden

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Barnes, Jr.

Alison and John Baxter

Temple and Lynn Bayliss

BDH Foundation/Gloria Hintz

Sue Bechter

Beirne Carter Foundation

Charlotte A. Bennett

Robert and Katherine* Bennett

William T. Berry

Martin and Jan Betts

Chris Boggs

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Bosshard (in memory of Gerry Manikus)

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bowell

Knight and Linda Bowles

Rita Brighton

Jane* and Austin Brockenbrough, III (in memory of Stewart and Betty Bryan and
Jane Bryan Brockenbrough)

Marguerite Bruce (in honor of Carol Daddis)

Tonya Buffington

Richard and Leigh Burke

William and Vernell Burton

Rudy and Grace Butler

William F. Butler

Sharon and Bob Caldwell

Katie Campbell

Charles M. Caravati Family Foundation Fund

Charles G. and Elizabeth Cary

Judith B. Caspari

Ben and Amy Chew

Brenda Christmas

Ellen D. Clark

John and Libby Clark

Marc and Jean Claud

Howard and Nell Cobb

Judith Collins

Javier Corona

Charles R. and Suzie Counts

Cubfield Farm (in memory of William H. Street, III)

Tanya and Brad Cummings

Mack and Paula Curle

Gretchen H. Currieri

Megan Dalton

Linda C. Davis

Carrie Deane

Steven and Susan DeLaney

Divine Revelation Baptist Church

Dominion Foundation

Carol Dunlap

Nancy and Andrew Dykers

Allen Earehart

The Ebrights

Peter Edmonds

Steve Eggleston

Warren and Van Elliott Family

Elpis Christian Church

Mr. and Mrs. W. Gary Farrar, Jr.

Martha Pruitt Fink

Rossie and Sandy Fisher

Fox Charitable Trust

Erin Fox

Cindy S. Foy (in honor of Debra Arnold)

Eileen Ford and Nancy Parrish

Lisa Freeman

Larry and Lisa French

Joan D. Garrabrant

William and Barbara Garrison

Richard and Barbara Gary

Todd W. B. and Lynne Gehr

Margaret Georgiadis

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Gibson

Leonard and Penny Goldberg

Goochland County

Goochland Woman’s Club

Curtis W. and Steffi Gordinier

Bruce G. and Bonnie Gordon

Matt and Sydney Gottwald

Susan and Michael Gracik

Alexander C. Graham, Jr.

Sam and Sally Graham

Gray Holdings, LLC

Ron and Jean Greene

Herb and Mary Griffith

Chick and Bonnie Hadden

Clay Hall

Fay Proffitt Hall

Donald Hanna

Tracey and David Harbaugh

Michael L. and Cheryl S. Hardman

Harrell Family Fund (in memory of T.R. Harrell)

Harrison Foundation

Thomas and Danica Harrahy

Bert and Susan Hayes

John and Lisa Herrmann

Scott and Sue Hickey

Mike and Barbara Hill

Chris and Mara Hilliar

Hope Church

Deborah Horan

Gerald E. and Janet Hudepohl

Emily S. and Coleman A. Hunter Charitable Trust

Randy and Rossie Hutcheson

Sheila and Ed Hyer

Mr. and Mrs. Kemper K. Hyers

The Johnson Family (in honor of Herb and Mary Griffith, Marilyn Palmore, and
Jim and Dale Agnew, and in memory of Graham and Will McCormick)

Grayson and Revere Johnson

Thomas Kennerly Johnstone, IV

Brad and Maria Brent Jones

Jeff and Nancy Jones

Susan Kazmier

Adina Keys

Gerd Kobal and Birgit Kettenmann-Kobal

Cheryl A. Kosakowski

Michael Laming and Janet Dibbs

Rachel Lane

Norman and Lynne Laskin

Ed and Claudia Lawton

Zita Lee

Alice and Frank Lennon

Andy and Ginny Lewis

Lipman Foundation

Hilary and Henry Long

Luck Companies Foundation

Charles S. Luck, III and True Farr Luck (in honor of Lisa Luck)

Charlie and Lisa Luck

Richard and Dudley Luck

Jennifer Luzzatto

Owen L. III and Patricia P. Maddox

Mary H. Madge

Corrine Mallory

Manorhouse Management, Inc.

Mr. Anthony F. Markel

Cynthia Marsteller

Blair and Randee Massey

Michael and Barbara Matthews

Lisa McDonald

Jack and Sorrel McElroy

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph McElroy

Jean McGowan (in memory of Jane Brockenbrough)

McGue Millhiser Family Trust

Everett G. and Sarah McLaren


Karen and Stephen S. Mick

Bob and Cathy Minnick

Brian and Kim Moneymaker

Douglas and Beth Monroe

Michael Moorefield

Joe Morgan

Marietta M. and S.T. Morgan Jr. Trust

James J. and Mary Ellen Murray

Joy and John Nevin

Clinton and Carolyn Nicholas

Mercedes Norris

Jim and Claudia O’Hanlon

Mirriam Oman

John and Kimberly Parent (in honor of Mary Ann Mills)

Harold and Shirley Parker

The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

Ron Payne and Wendy Woods

Maxine Peregoy

PFG – Performance Food Group

Coleman and Ginny Perrin

Joseph and Rita Phillips

Kim Pierce

Jim and Wendy Popp

Earl F. and Meta Potts

Mr. and Mrs. E. Bryson Powell

Tommy and Teri Pruitt

Dennis A. and Cindy Pryor (in memory of Jane Brockenbrough)

Lisa and Sean-Thomas Pumphrey

Patrick H. Quinn (in memory of Jane Brockenbrough)

Celia Rafalko and Rick Sample

Richard L. and Ann Ramsey

Anthony and Diane Reale

Chuck and Laura Reece (in memory of Jane Brockenbrough)

Frances Adamson Reed

Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Reese

Lorna Reese-Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Reichel, III

Tom and Billie Reid

David P. Reynolds DRB Fund

Jan and Keith Reynolds

Richard S. Reynolds Foundation

Karen Richardson (in memory of D. Ward Richardson)

Liz and Al Rider

Right Hand Charitable Foundation (in memory of John and Polly Bullard)

Michael L. and Linda Rigsby (in memory of Katherine Bennett)

The Robert E. Rigsby Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation

Kristin Risberg (in memory of Michal Paula Gordon)

Marlene P. Rivas

River Road United Methodist Church

Clarence B. and Martha Robertson

William A. and Mary Robertson (in memory of Dr. Abner Robertson)

James Robinette (in memory of Rosie Robinette)

Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Robins, Jr. (in honor of Sandra Taylor-Smith and in memory of Jane Brockenbrough)

Fred Roensch and Ann Marie Vaughn

Pat Rollison

Roy and Adair Roper

Royal Oak Underwriters

George E. and Rachel Sanborn

Dennis and Laura Santini

Edmund A. Saunders, Janie Q. Saunders, and Jane Quinn Saunders Endowment**

Saunders Family Foundation

Tina Schworm

R. Strother and Evie Scott

James and Barbara Sensabaugh

Harlan F. and Ellen F. Seymour

Dr. and Mrs. Chester Sharps

Dennis and Cindy Sheets (in memory of Jane Brockenbrough)

Angie and Robert Shiflett

Susan Shumate

Leslie Sims

Toyya Sims

Mark and Susan Sisisky

Jane and D.B. Smit

Mark and Patty Smith/Midas of Richmond

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Smith, Jr.

Thomas V. Smith

Roger and Sandy Spence

Millie and Erv Spevak

Jane Spilman

Neil and Brennan Spoonhower

Paul and Nancy Springman

George W. and Carol Y. St. Clair

Barbara Stanley (in honor of Richard L. and Robinette R. George)

Wallace and Mary Lou Sterling (in memory of Lois Henley)

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stettinius

Syrinx Technologies

Brian and Lisa Tharp

The Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg Fund at VNHC

The Cabell Foundation

The Hurlburt Foundation (in honor of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hurlburt, Jr.)

The RECO Foundation (in memory of Michael H. Courain, II)

The Reinhart Foundation

The Waltie Fund

Ronald and Kay Thomas (in honor of David and Tracey Harbaugh)

Susan Morris Thomas (in memory of Jane Brockenbrough)

Lillie Thornton

John S. and Ronnie Thornton, Jr.

Tim and Rickey Thornton

Tilley-Hyde Charitable Foundation

Anita Tinsley

Dianne Tisnado

Gerry Turner

Kitty Turner

Carol and Ben Ussery (in memory of Jane Brockenbrough)

Joni Vaughan

Virginia Health Care Foundation

Virginia Sargeant Reynolds Foundation

Susan Vranian

John Wack

Douglas and Joan A. Wall

Jared and Courtney Wall

James and Joan Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Wallace (in memory of Jane Brockenbrough)

Ward and Jeannie Waltman

Carol Wampler

Henry N. and Marilyn Ware, Jr.

Harry J. and Sally Warthen

Robert and Sandra Warwick

Rhonda Weaver

Genevieve Wilhelm

Lee and Linda Wilkinson, Jr.

William H John G Emma Scott Foundation

Bill and Colleen Williams

Mr. and Mrs. E. Otto Williams, Jr.

Patrick and Elizabeth Williams

Susan and David Wilson (in memory of Libby and Buck Smith)

Kavis Fleming Winston

Joseph T. and Gillan Wynne

Lucy and Mark Wysong (in memory of Dr. Randal King)

Erin Yearout-Patton (in honor of Janice Yearout-Patton and Michael Patton)




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