A year of safety and service at GoochlandCares
Reflecting with gratitude on 2021

2021 was quite a year here at GoochlandCares! The pandemic, that just won’t seem to go away, continued to challenge us to find ways to safely deliver critical services to the most vulnerable in our community. We implemented a testing and contact-tracing process for staff and volunteers to keep the workplace as safe as possible. We hosted 17 client vaccine events and 8 client booster events where we immunized almost 1,000 individuals. Some programs developed curbside pickup options and others conducted services at carside. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, donors, partners, and staff, GoochlandCares kept all programs operating – providing food, clothes, medical, dental, and mental health care, transportation, hope repairs and housing, domestic violence advocacy, and financial assistance to neighbors in crisis. We provided a lifeline for the many GoochlandCares clients still struggling with hardships brought on or exacerbated by Covid-19.

Goochland is a wonderful community where residents, businesses, and non-profit organizations work together to ensure their neighbors’ well-being. During the height of the Covid crisis, GoochlandCares was part of the Goochland Community Citizen Task Force which met weekly to identify needs and coordinate resources and responses. Our partnerships with Goochland County Social Services, Goochland County Sheriff’s Office, Chickahominy Health District, Fire-Rescue and Emergency Services, Bon Secours, Commonshare, Dalton, and Goochland Pharmacies and many others, ensured and expanded our ability to deliver services.

At GoochlandCares we strive to reflect the best of YOU – our unique, compassionate community.  At the center of that community are hundreds of donors and volunteers who share so much of themselves to improve the health and well-being of their neighbors. We are grateful and proud to be part of this generous community.

If you know of anyone who may benefit from GoochlandCares services, please have them call 804-556-6260 or visit GoochlandCares.org. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and at GoochlandCares.org.