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Transportation Services Expanding

Expansion aims to ensure that more Goochland residents' needs are met


GoochlandCares is expanding its Transportation Services program to add a volunteer driver component to increase access to groceries, basic shopping, court services, government services, and other vital needs for our clients.

Lack of transportation is one of Goochland County’s most significant challenges.  The demographic and rural factors that affect our citizens create profound isolation, poverty, and lack of access to services which prevent many from having the means to physically reach the point of service.

Our Case Management and Transportation Services teams coordinate to assist clients like Sylvia. She and her 2 children are completely isolated and alone. They are unable to leave their home because they have no access to transportation. Sylvia does not have a car or access to one and there are no family members nearby who can help her get to the grocery store or take the children to medical appointments. GoochlandCares Transportation Services can now offer Sylvia access to safe, reliable transportation to obtain basic necessities.

To be eligible for rides, you must live in Goochland County and meet one of the following guidelines:

  • Must be 60+
  • Must have a disability
  • Must make 200% or below the Federal Poverty Level

To access the program, you must register with GoochlandCares by calling 804-556-6260 to schedule an appointment or CLICK HERE to complete an online application.

Once you are registered, you can schedule rides by calling 804-556-6260.

Rides are provided to:

  • Medical, dental, heath appointments, and pharmacies
  • Dialysis (for weekday appointments)
  • All GoochlandCares services (includes food pantry and clothes closet)
  • Goochland grocery stores
  • Goochland Department of Social Services

For more information about Transportation Services, call 804-556-6260.