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Campaign Courier November 2017

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Excited About The Future

Paul and Nancy Springman

continued from Campaign Courier…..

She and Sally were born on the same day, in the same year and are both registered nurses. Paul and Nancy continue to be involved at GFCFS because they believe in the mission and the staff and volunteers working every day to make that mission a reality. They have witnessed employees and volunteers go way beyond the call to help a client who was in dire straits. She and Paul feel privileged to be a part of GFCFS.

As a board member, Paul participated in the early discussions regarding the Capital Campaign. The organization had a history of fiscal responsibility. He was impressed by the hard work of the staff, volunteers, Board and the Capital Campaign committee. He thought the timeline for reaching the fundraising goals was a bit ambitious, but it just shows the commitment, dedication, and overwhelming generosity of the Goochland community.

Paul and Nancy are excited about the future of GFCFS and are proud to support the organization going forward.