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Campaign Courier October 2017

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Enhancing Access, Collaboration, Dignity

Terry Ebright, Food Pantry Manager

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Clients are excited about the new facility and ask questions every day. With larger shopping and storage space, Terry hopes to bring in a bigger selection of food including more fresh fruits and vegetables. She wants it to feel like a real grocery store. Double doors and a built-in scale will make loading in donations much easier. Having everything on one level means accessibility for those using canes, walkers, and wheelchairs.

Terry is looking forward to enhanced collaboration both within and outside of the organization. With everyone in one building, departments can facilitate same-visit consultations. For instance, if a client at the Clinic is given special dietary restrictions, the nurse can take them to the Food Pantry to point out which items meet their requirements. A large conference room offers space for classes and trainings including having community partners come in for special presentations.

The physical improvements are simply a means to an end: to deliver quality services to our neighbors efficiently, safely, and with dignity.