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Giving Back

Dave and Tracey Harbaugh

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When we began volunteering, it became clear that GFCFS was special! We were surprised at the long list of services provided – from medical and dental care, to the Food Pantry and Clothes Closet, to education and financial assistance, to home improvements, etc.!  We were impressed with how diligently the staff works to keep volunteers “in the know.” We are included in regular meetings and receive organizational updates and additional training as needed. Volunteers are treated extremely well! There are so many “thank yous” for even the smallest tasks done to help staff. There are also many fun events throughout the year where volunteers from different program areas get together with staff.

Two of our favorite volunteer activities, which we get to do together, are the Thanksgiving turkey distribution and the neighborhood spring food drive. The food drive allows us to work with other volunteers in our neighborhood to collect food and then to sort and stock it at the Food Pantry. All activities and services will be enhanced with the opening of the new building.

As volunteers, it will be wonderful to have appropriate space for services and storage. For instance, currently at the clinic, doctors and nurses sometimes have no private space to meet with patients. Storage space and work space for staff and volunteers is inadequate. The parking situation is not good. The new building will solve these issues. Food Pantry volunteers will no longer have to manuever up and down dangerous steps. Clothes Closet staff and shoppers will have more space, and windows! Being in one location will also strengthen the identity of the organization. Plus, who doesn’t love having a new place to call their own!

It is hard to tell who is more excited about moving into the new building, staff and volunteers, or the clients! Clients will now be able to obtain needed services all in one day, rather than having to make multiple trips. This should also help with transportation issues. Everyone will benefit! It is going to be an exciting 2018!