In January 2015, Goochland Free Clinic and Family Services began offering Domestic Violence services in Goochland.  Since then, the program has served 82 individuals affected by domestic violence. Services for anyone impacted by domestic violence, regardless of income or gender include a 24-hour hotline (804-980-6267), counseling and case management, court advocacy, information and referral, safety planning, and emergency shelter. The program also offers community training and education, as well as debriefing, consulting and technical assistance for those trying to help survivors  in Goochland. Starting July 1, GFCFS will also serve individuals and families affected by sexual violence. Sexual violence includes rape, sexual harassment, and other behaviors of an unwanted sexual nature. Like domestic violence, sexual violence can happen to anyone of any background.  It is important to remember that sexual assault is never the survivor’s fault, no matter their clothing, occupation, or behavior. If you or someone you know has experienced domestic or sexual violence, please do not hesitate to call to seek help.  The GFCFS Domestic and Sexual Violence Services program serves all victims and survivors regardless of income, gender, and sexual orientation. The program supports individuals whether they are staying in the relationship, are planning to leave or have already ended the relationship.   

The 24-hour hotline phone number is 804-980-6267.

For more information call the hotline

or email Sara Babb, Domestic and Sexual Violence Program Coordinator at