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Newsletter – April 2021 (3)

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Critical Home Repair Services Expanding

Program Update

The Critical Home Repair program tackles safety issues such as leaky plumbing, rotting floorboards, and damaged roofs. The list of clients needing repairs to make their homes safe and healthy is long. But for the past few years, the budget has fallen short, usually running out before the end of the year. 2021 will, hopefully, not follow that trend.

GoochlandCares Board of Directors unanimously voted in February to earmark significant additional funds for Critical Home Repair and approved taking on larger scale projects like digging wells and installing septic systems and foundations.

The average cost of a well is over $5,000. Septic systems range from $5,000 to $20,000. Foundations start at $20,000. The income threshold for an individual GoochlandCares client is $25,760 or less and $53,000 or less for a family of four.  It is easy to see how these critical projects are out of reach for them.

Critical Home Repair program coordinator Angie Shiflett is pleased to report that, since February, one well project has been completed, and one septic system and two foundations are underway.