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Newsletter – April 2021 (6)

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Capital One and Genworth

Corporate teams volunteer virtually

Although corporate teams have not been able to volunteer on site, some have offered to share their expertise virtually. GoochlandCares took advantage of two such opportunities with skills-based volunteers in Human Resources and Branding.

A Capital One Branding Team, including Anya Mills, Nikki Hanger, Kyle Anderson, MacKenzie Thornhill, Logan Boggs, Matthew Betts, and Ryan Seibold, spent over 200 hours reviewing and refreshing GoochlandCares branding materials. The result is an updated color palette, logo treatments, and templates.

Peter Haenlein, a Talent Development Specialist at Genworth, led staff in “Crucial Conversations.” Twenty-three staff members participated in 10 hours of workshops aimed at improving communication. The series was made available to GoochlandCares at no charge through a grant from Vital Smarts. Peter first learned about GoochlandCares when he volunteered with his team onsite in 2019.