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Newsletter – November 2021 – Program Spotlight

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GoochlandCares Patient Advocate Patty Ayers

Putting patients first


Checking the wrong box or being unaware of financial assistance programs during a crisis could mean the difference in thousands of dollars for patients. With rocketing hospital bills, shortages in supplies, and staff crises, navigating the healthcare landscape is fraught with loopholes and unpredictable pricing.

Patty has spent years in the healthcare industry. When she advocates for a client, it lessens the emotional, financial, and administrative burden of obtaining services outside of GoochlandCares.

Anna, a GoochlandCares client, was living estranged from her husband after their separation.  After an emergency room visit, she found that their collective income put her over the financial assistance threshold and sent her into billing purgatory. Patty provided consultation to the patient and helped her re-file the paperwork, noting her income, and therefore eliminating the stress of dealing with the daily calls from the bill collector. She could then concentrate on getting back on her feet.

After 14 years with GoochlandCares, we are lucky to have Patty on our team, whose dedication to our clients, knowledge, and drive continue to inspire us all.