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Newsletter – November 2021 – Partner Spotlight

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Commonshare Non-Profit Pharmacy

Making affordable medications a reality.


Commonshare is a non-profit pharmacy that receives medications through direct donations from pharmaceutical manufacturers, other pharmacies, retail stores, and individuals. They re-dispense through their physical location and by mail order. They also distribute to free clinics, like GoochlandCares, allowing us to make needed medications available to our clients.

GoochlandCares seeks out and nurtures partnerships with businesses and other non-profits, like Commonshare, whose missions complement ours.

These relationships enable GoochlandCares to deliver expanded and additional services to our clients while requiring little or no extra funding or labor from us. Partnerships help GoochlandCares maximize the impact of your donations by allowing us to focus on our core services.

“Everyone should be able to get the medications they need at a reasonable price,” says Will Weimer, founder and executive director of Commonshare.

GoochlandCares is grateful for our partnership with Will and Commonshare and proud to join them in making affordable medications a reality for our neighbors in need.

Learn more about Commonshare at