Evelyn has lived in Goochland since 1979. She used to volunteer and bring food to the Goochland Fellowship many years ago before it was a formal food pantry.

She worked at Beaumont as a project supervisor for 11 years until she fell on the job and suffered a concussion that left her dizzy all the time. Evelyn had an operation but was told she may never be able to work again. With rehabilitation she did recover and even learned to drive again. She became a caretaker for an elderly couple in the Goochland area and worked for them for 5 years. When Evelyn’s husband passed away she struggled to keep her head above water. She has always done everything right but just can’t quite make it on only one income. Evelyn lives alone in a trailer in the Goochland trailer park. She owns the trailer but rents the lot. Her monthly income from Social Security is $1256.00. By the time she pays her bills on the 5 th of the month she has only $100 left to live on.

Evelyn has vision complications due to diabetes. She receives Medicare but continues to use GFCFS for the dentist, Food Pantry, Clothes Closet and home repair. The home repair program has replaced her water heater and furnace and helped out with financial assistance. Without the food she receives through the Food Pantry, Evelyn would go hungry most weeks. At 81 years old, Evelyn fell victim to a phone scam. She had fallen behind on her Dominion payments and received a call from a supposed collection agency saying if she paid half of her bill they would handle the remainder. She mailed them a check but was shocked to see on her next Dominion bill that she was still in arrears. GFCFS contacted Dominion who explained that it was a scam. GFCFS and Dominion negotiated a payment plan for Evelyn to get her back in good standing.

Evelyn has needed financial assistance several times but she never asks for GFCFS to pay the entire bill. Evelyn is doing everything right but just can’t survive without help. GFCFS has kept Evelyn in her home, warm and safe, with access to medical care, food, and someone to watch out for her.